Dat Phan

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Headed by our Director of Athletics, Coach Dat Phan, Gators Basketball will focus on basic fundamentals while competing in small sided games. As a young program, the emphasis will be on laying the foundation of a program to be successful today, tomorrow and all the days ahead. We want to provide an opportunity for our student-athletes to develop the proper fundamentals to compete at the highest level.

Our teams will consist of students in grades 4-8 and will have practices multiple days a week. Students will also compete in sanctioned games against opposing schools. Though this program will focus on teaching students the rules of the game and the basic fundamentals of basketball, practices will be more involved with offensive and defensive team concepts. When it comes time to competing in games against other schools, game situations and opposing personnel are some factors that will dictate who will play. That being said, playing in a game is not guaranteed in this program. Many other factors such as discipline and grasp of concepts are factored into decision making.